I have been involved with transpersonal psychology, Vipassana meditation and consciousness studies for the past 25 years. Using a combination of traditional and holistic therapies, my goal is to help you better understand yourself and find greater meaning in your life. With support and guidance, you can stop living for others and start living for yourself. You can invite your true self forward and be the person you truly are.

I work with the whole person, body, mind and spirit. My approach and focus moves beyond traditional talk therapy. I see myself as a spiritual guide, a lifestyle coach and a psychotherapist. I am a facilitator, helping you access and fully utilize the wisdom you have to make significant changes in your life. Together we will identify and clear the blocks that keep you stuck, restructuring your inner and outer worlds to allow your true self to emerge.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist living in Asheville, NC. I am licensed in CA and I practice on a remote platform. Additionally, I am a certified Depth Hypnosis Practitioner using hypnotherapy and spiritual guidance as creative tools to access inner wisdom and healing. Please review the Depth Hypnosis tab on my website for more information about this modality. I have extensive experience working with addiction and recovery, including adult children of addiction and dysfunction, with an emphasis on healing shame. I also facilitate group therapy and mindfulness and spirituality groups. Personally and professionally, I have deep roots in the sacred traditions of spiritual living.

I have been licensed since 2006. I have a master’s degree in counseling psychology from John F. Kennedy University, with an emphasis on Transpersonal Psychology. Transpersonal Psychology focuses on the spiritual aspects of the human experience. Areas of expertise include self-love, spiritual development, personal transformation, healing shame, addiction and recovery, codependency, generational trauma, family and relationship patterns and life transitions.

If I can provide any additional information, please give me a call or send an email.

Warm regards,
Tina Bollendorf